A long time coming

I haven't had much to say. There was another death in the family. My great-uncle Harry died in early January. In a lot of ways, until I was an adult, Uncle Harry and Auntie Pat were a bigger presence in my life than my Grandmom and Grandpop. I love him, and I miss him. He hadn't been sick long enough for me to feel the dual sensations of loss and relief like I did with Grandmom. I just miss him. I am just sad. Which has made sad for Grandmom take presidence over relief for her.
I am lonely. Not that Grandmom and Uncle Harry were regular companions. There is just something about two people I love not being in the world anymore that makes it a lonelier place to be. When I come home at 1am the house is empty. I sit with Peanut and the house is just empty. Everything is very empty. I do things, I putz and keep busy but it doesn't fill up those spaces. Brian is at work, Dan is either out or asleep before I get there. I wake up in the morning and its still empty. Brian has gone to school. There is nothing to my life. There is no real purpose. The world is just empty right now.

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