When we were starting to research Orthodoxy I was a little wary of confession. I am an American. We don't like other people to tell us what to do. The idea, as I understood it at the time, was that I had to go tell some guy all my deep dark secrets or else God wasn't going to forgive me.
When we had decided we would be converting to Orthodoxy, and I was preparing for my first confession, it was more like a hurtle in a race. I knew I had to run a course, and this was part of that course. I wanted to finish this race, and so I was going to learn to jump the hurtle.
After my first confession, I realized confession was not an obligation, it was a privilege. I don't have to go to confession, I get to go to confession. It's not a hurtle in a foot race, it's a pit stop in a car race. Not something I'm striving to make it past but that I am just trying to keep going until.
Maybe it is all a matter of perspective.

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