Let's Try To Be A Blogger Again

I have developed a new sense of self-discipline. So I will be making myself a schedule to accomplish a few things this summer. I don't think anyone truly understands how much of a different person I have become in the last year or so. 

1- I will read through the Bible starting the first day of summer and finishing by the first day of fall. Anyone who wants to do this with me is welcome to and I would LOVE the support.

2- I will complete my CBI Birth Doula course.

3- I will workout for at least 30 minutes at least 5 days a week.

4- I will Blog at least once a week

5- I will cook meals for Brian and I and eliminate fast food from our diet as well as try to find homemade alternatives for as many things as possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

6- I will remember my herbs & vitamins everyday.


Skip said...

I am behind you kiddo! [rjb]

Rachel O said...

Actually, I DO realize just how different of a person you have become in this past year. I love you and I am VERY proud of you for all of the positive changes you have made. I would love to do the Bible in 90 days thing with you.....sign me up (or more like, email me the schedule :o)
Anything I can do to help you on your nutritional quest, let me know. I'll look some stuff up and facebook you some links.

Anonymous said...

Kiddo, I have seen a good difference even in the last few weeks. I just was telling aunt Alice. God's Word for the soul & good food for the body : ) never go wrong there.
Loving support ... Mommy