Uptown Girl

Did you see this movie? Brittany Murphy is the orphaned daughter of a rockstar whose inheritance gets stolen and for the first time in her life she has to get a job. She spends all of her earnings at the high-end linens store on high-end linens because she gets an employee discount on Egyptian Cotton.
I feel like her right now. I'm trying to figure out how to live on very little. I am still trying to find a job (hummus didn't work out) and Brian isn't getting a whole lot of hours. So trim the fat they say. One person says Internet isn't necessary, but Internet is part of Dan's rent, him living here includes heat, water, electricity, and Internet. One person says cell phones are unnecessary. Another says that taking the kittens to Vermont was unnecessary, but that trip cost less than half what it would have cost to have them vaccinated and neutered.
I would love to just stop spending any money. But I don't know how. And everyone makes me feel like I'm spending every dime I have on high-end linens. Which foods are okay? Eggs aren't a luxury item but chicken is? Or is chicken frugal but hamburger is posh? Brian needs a pair of pants for work because he put a hole in the knee of his last pair. Is that okay? Am I allowed to buy him a pair of pants? Are fresh vegetables a luxury? So if everyong wants to tell me what is and isn't necesary then you all fight it out. I give up.


Amy Mae said...

Giant has chicken for 1.79 a pound. The price will probably change tonight b/c they change for Sunday. I'm with you in the 'how do I save money" camp!

Dave and Jacque Fessenden said...

Try moneysavingmom.com or chachingonashoestring.com. It seems like we've always had to live frugally, and yet the Lord has provided for what we need, not always new, but adequately. Keep plugging away and ask for wisdom from Above. God will honor your efforts.