I want to be a Universalist. I want to truly believe that whatever happens you will die and go to a better place. But I don't. It doesn't make logical sense. There has to be a scale or else there just has to be everyone. Either Mao and Mother Theresa sip mimosas together in a shiny villa on the banks of Styx or there is some sort of entrance requirement.
This whole concept is against my nature. I am more in line with Terry Pratchett, it saves a lot of effort if everyone just gets what they truly expect deep down. So basic human guilt sends your rapists and genocidal maniacs where they need to be.
I know people who have no problem looking someone in the face and saying, "You're going to hell if you don't ". I can't do that. I can not judge someone. I believe in Christianity. I believe you need to believe. I believe there is a hell. But I can't believe it's my place to pronounce your belief inadequate. I'm more than happy to tell you all about my belief. I will admit to anyone who asks that I believe that belief in Christ is necessary.
In the end only God can judge what amount of belief is belief or how much ignorance is bliss. So I don't think I will ever say "You are ____ therefore you are going to hell." But I think I will say "I believe in orthodox Christianity and it defines my universe and it is the root of everything good in my life."

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