A Prayer

Holy Father, use my work to Your glory and always remind me that nothing is done without Your willing it. Reward me with clarity and chasten me with futility. Make my tongue quick, my heart soft, my mind sharp, my knee bent, and my eyes fixed on you. Remind me of the tradition of holiness and not just the history of perversion. Guide my thoughts and actions first by scripture and then by the wisdom of the saints who have gone before me. Lighten my burden, strengthen my faith, cleanse my heart and create a profound sense of gratitude in all I do. Give me a portion of Your love, Your forgiveness, and Your patience for every person You place in my life. Remind me daily that the greatest goal I can strive for is to be reduced myself in order to reflect You to those I meet. Above all, give me the all encompassing peace that comes only from total surrender to You. In Christ I pray, AMEN

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